“A Bear Saves the Town” ARCs Going Out Tomorrow

I’m finishing up the initial edits on my latest book, the second in the Blackpelt Brothers trilogy, A Bear Saves the Town. Advance copies are going out to my ARC team tomorrow, and I plan on releasing the book about a week after that.

I lost some of my momentum last year, and I hope to get that back now. Over the next six weeks or so, I’ll write the third and final book in the trilogy. Then I have plans to start a new dragon shifter series that’s going to kind of be open-ended. I don’t have a set number of books in mind. I think my strategy will just be to bundle it three books at a time, and then maybe the whole thing when it’s either done or I get tired of the universe.

Anyway, I’ll post here when the bear book is out.



Dragon Gold Release Date

My plan is to release Dragon Gold: A Tale Untold this Wednesday, August 23rd. That gives my advance readers a little more time to finish the book, and me a little more time to make last-minute edits.

And I’m starting work on the sequel to A Bear Comes to Town this week. It’s going to be called A Bear Runs This Town, and it’s going to focus on Cole Blackbelt, Ben’s brother. I intend for this series to be a trilogy, and my goal is to finish it by the end of the year. Then I might revisit dragon shifters, but in a slightly different setting than Xandakar. I have some ideas for an open-ended fantasy romance series that I’ll be outlining and thinking about over the next few months. Somewhere in there, I would also like to work on Plate Lunch, a romance/cookbook set in my home of Southern Louisiana. Not sure when I’ll get to that.

But I’ll follow up here on Wednesday to announce the launch of Dragon Gold.


Dragon Gold ARCs Go Out!

Everything seems to be taking a little longer these days. I thought the edits on Dragon Gold would only take a few days, but they stretched out over a week. The book is longer than my previous ones, but I was hoping to get it done sooner. Nevertheless, it’s done! The advance copies went out yesterday. I’m planning on releasing next week.

I’m interested to see how sales are impacted now that the entire series is complete. My intuition is that I should see a bump. But who really knows? I wish I’d had a tighter turnaround time for the last book. Not sure if that’s going to hurt or maybe actually help. Time will tell.

Now that I’m back into the swing of things, I need to decide what to work on next. I should probably finish the bear trilogy. The first one didn’t do as well as the dragon books, but if I complete the trilogy, then make the first one perma-free, that might be a good idea. I was thinking of switching gears a little, but it probably makes more sense to get another set under my belt by the end of the year.

By the way, if you’re interested in becoming one of my advance readers, you can sign up here:


I’ll let you all know what I decide to do next when I figure it out myself!


Editing Dragon Gold

I’m in the middle of editing Dragon Gold: A Tale Untold. I’m hoping to have it done by mid-week so that I can get it out to my ARC readers.

Editing is a funny thing. I invariably think my writing is better than I remember it being when I originally wrote it, while simultaneously not being nearly as good as I want it to be. It’s a weird state to be in. I’m also not as meticulous as I’d like to be, though I’m still not at a point where I want the expense or delay of hiring a professional. If I meet my goals this year, I’ll definitely add that into my work flow. But for now, I think the editing process is reasonable enough.

So anyway, we’re on schedule for a release this month. I’m anxious to see how well the book does now that the whole series will be out. Sales have remained low but steady for the last few months, which gives me hope that I can still make a go of this. Not sure if I got burned out from writing basically a book a month last year, but I know I can find a reasonable pace that let’s me produce the kind of books people want to read. I set a goal for 10 books this year, which I’m definitely not going to make. But my other goals are probably still attainable.

I’ll post another update when the ARC goes out and give you guys an idea of when the release will happen.


Dragon Gold

Hey everybody. I’m so sorry I’ve been out of the loop for so long, but I have been working on Dragon Gold: A Tale Untold. The bad news is, I thought I would have it ready for release in July, and I couldn’t make that deadline. The good news is, the first draft is finished, and it will definitely release in August. It’s longer than my other books, coming in at over 75K words. The other books in the series were around 50K. Hopefully this will be the usual length for me going forward. I think 75K is a great length to shoot for.

Anyway, stay tuned. I should be able to finish up edits this week, then it’s going to go out to my beta readers. We’re looking at the 2nd week in August for release. Now that I’m solidly back on the train, I should be able to finish up the bear trilogy by the end of the year.


I’m Still Here

Sorry for the long gap in updates! But I’m still here and still writing.

March was a pretty bad month for productivity. It’s easy to get distracted when all the motivation has to come from inside you. I don’t actually want a boss looming over me telling me what to do, but sometimes I have to admit that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Anyway, I’m back in full force now. Last month, I only got about 25% of Dragon Gold written. I’m going to finish it in the first 2-3 weeks of April, and hopefully publish it by the end of the month. I’m also probably going to put this one up for pre-order and see how that goes. I’ll probably try the strategy of pricing it for 99 cents during the pre-order period, and maybe the first few days of release before hiking it up to $2.99. I’ll update everyone when the pre-order goes live.

And I’ll also try to do a better job of blogging here.


Releasing the Bear and Working on the Next Book

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here…sorry about that. In the meantime, I’ve released my latest book, A Bear Comes to Town. It’s on the My Books page now,. As of this writing, it’s available on Amazon, Kobo, and B&N. It’ll be coming to iTunes soon. It wasn’t quite as well received as my dragon books, but most people still seemed to like it. I think I do need to slow down sometimes and let the story and the characters breathe a little bit more. A couple of people said it felt rushed. That may be a function of me just wanting to get the story out of my head and down on the page. I like fast-paced stories, but sometimes they can be too fast-paced, sacrificing quiet moments that really do flesh out the characters and their relationships. I’ll keep that in mind for future stories.

Speaking of which, I started work on Dragon Gold: A Tale Untold this week. I do have the two romantic leads worked out now, and the general arc of the story, though there are a lot of gaps that I hope will fill in as I write. I have the end in sight, which is the most important part. I’d like to get the first draft written by the end of the month, but that may be too ambitious. Writing on the book will probably extend into April, but I should definitely be able to release it next month (unless I hit some kind of road block). As with each other book, this one introduced two new characters: Austin Pryce and Fiora Whitefang. He’s a rich financial wiz living near San Francisco, and she’s a wolf shifter who was raised by a secret society of bodyguards. I won’t say much more, other than that it features a lot of common themes from the rest of the series: characters who don’t know who or what they truly are, a call to serve a higher purpose, and love between people who are very different from each other.

And of course, I need to wrap up the overarching storyline and tell the fate of all the characters from the previous books. Hopefully I can pull it off in a way that satisfies the readers of the series so far. My plan going forward is to either write another standalone after the dragon series, or revisit the bear trilogy. But at some point this year I also plan to write a novella set in the Xandakar world and bundle it up  with the box set (though I think I will probably offer it as a freebie to my mailing list as well).

But for at least the next month, it’s back to Xandakar. And I’ll try to blog a bit more too!


A Bear Comes to ARC Readers

So I sent out ARC copies of my newest book A Bear Comes to Town today. I was pretty happy with how a lot of the book came out, though like I said in an earlier post, I always have nagging doubts before sending out a new piece of work. I plan on publishing the book next week, probably on March 2nd. I was hoping to get editing finished earlier, but this has been a hectic week, so it took a little longer.

This means I am able to start work on the final book in the Dragonlords of Xandakar series, Dragon Gold: A Tale Untold. Sorry to have kept readers waiting by writing another book before it, but I was feeling a little fatigued with the series and wanted to finish strong. I’d like to start writing the book on Monday, which means I’m really going to have to hammer out some things about the book this weekend. I have some very broad ideas about how events are going to unfold, especially with respect to the villain. And I have a solid idea of who my hero is going to be. But I really haven’t worked out the details on the heroine yet or her relationship to the hero, and that’s a biggie. An ongoing theme in the series is the change from love being chosen for you to being able to choose who you want to love. For centuries, arranged marriages were the norm in Xandakar. But in each of the first four books, the romances are organic, defying established tradition and usually involving love between dragon shifters and either humans or non-traditional shifters. So I definitely want to continue that theme. I’m just not sure exactly how it’s going to manifest itself.

Anyway, thanks to my ARC readers. Happy reading this weekend! If you want to join my ARC team, just let me know. And I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


A Bear Comes to Town is Finished!

Yay! Another book complete. I don’t know if authors feel the same thing I do when they finish a book. I’ve heard the biggest doubts occur at the 25% and 75% mark. But I have to say that I mostly feel good about a book while I’m writing it. When I’m done. I should feel relief and happiness, but that seems to be when I’m most doubtful about how good it is. I do feel relief, though. The first draft is completely, and I just need to work on edits now. I had really hoped to get the book out to my ARC team by now, but obviously that didn’t happen. So I’m going to try to get it sent out early next week. Tuesday seems pretty reasonable. I’m going to start doing some rough outlines for Dragon Gold while I work on edits for ABCTT. Part of my wonders whether I should have waited on the BookBub until the final book was complete, but I actually think the timing was fine. Hopefully those that read through the entire series will be finishing up just as the 5th and final book comes out.

And speaking of BookBub, it’s definitely the real deal. I’m not experiencing phenomenal success (yet!), but a little over halfway through the month I’m already double any previous month in income. Again, I’m really glad I went wide. iTunes in particular has been great the past couple of days, but Barnes & Noble and Kobo have both been pretty strong. The ratings have dipped a bit, mostly on Goodreads, for Dragon Blue. But I’m going to focus on those readers that like my stuff (you can’t please everyone!) and try to keep giving them what they want.

So far, my overall strategy is working. It looks like it’s going to be an incremental grind on the path to supporting myself full time with writing, but I really feel like it’s possible and that I’m going to get there.


BookBub Update

Today the rest of the data came in from yesterday’s BookBub on Dragon Blue. I got a little under 3,000 downloads on iTunes, and 18 sales on the other books. All-in-all, that puts me above the 23K downloads BookBub,  estimated for the promo. and I’ve already made my money back. Whether or not it’s going to be a career-changer, we’ll see. It’s definitely going to get me a lot more exposure in the near-term. Whether or not the revenue will keep flowing, we’ll see. The book peaked at a high of #7 overall among free books on Amazon, which is great. It’s already slid back down to #11. I’m curious to see how well it sticks and what sales look like over the next week. The ratings are taking a hit on Goodreads. It’s kind of a shame, but it also seems inevitable. This was my first shifter romance. I feel like each subsequent book, I learn more and the storytelling gets better. But Dragon Blue is my lead-in to the series, so as the weakest book, it’s also not that effective a hook. I guess my next series should perform even better.

I’m almost done with A Bear Comes to Town. I’d planned on that being either a stand-alone or a 3-book series. I can now see how the longer a series is, the more potential it has to generate money from something like a BookBub promo. But I still plan on releasing my latest book at $2.99 wide and seeing how well it performs. Time to get back to writing…