I’m usually not a big fan of either prologues or epilogues. They usually feel tacked on. Prologues in particular annoy me because I feel like they’re keeping the story from really getting started. It’s like starting a book with a flashback or something. I want to get introduced to the central characters straight away. I want things to get moving. Epilogues seem less bad, but there’s a similar thing going on. The story’s over? No wait, I’m going to tack something else on the end as well.

That being said, I went ahead and wrote an epilogue for Dragon Blue. For one, I felt like I needed to get up to 50K words as a hard minimum. And the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Dragon Blue is part of a series. The actual ending is happy, of course. I’m not going to violate that particular convention. But even though the hero and heroine have triumphed and are planning now to live out their lives in love, I wanted to add something that would frame what was coming next. This book, this conflict, was just the beginning. There are larger forces at work, and an overall more dire and impending threat. Things are moving in the shadows. Even bigger, nastier bad guys are scheming. So an epilogue seemed like a perfect place to do that.

No prologue, though. I’m gonna draw the line there. Another couple of things I thought about including as backmatter were the first few chapters of the second book. But I need to get this one edited. I’m anxious to put it in front of my ARC readers and get the ball rolling. Another thing I’ve thought of doing in the space between this book and the next is working on a stand-along novella set in the same world, possibly to use as a giveaway for my newsletter. Siccora Wildfire is a key character in Dragon Blue, having lived most her life on Earth with her bodyguard Korrigan, who is a wolf shifter. I was thinking of writing a novella from their perspectives, detailing their relationship. Not sure if that’s where I’m going, but it’s something I’m thinking about.

Anyway, the next 2-3 days are hardcore edits and formatting. I want to get the book ready by the end of the week. Wish me luck!

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