Dragon Blue (Shifter Romance) Now Available for Pre-order!

Like the title says. You can now pre-order Dragon Blue: A Lie That’s True.


The book goes on sale Tuesday, August 30th. So I’m doing a 12-day pre-order period. From the podcasts I’ve been listening to, that sounds like the sweet spot, between 1 and 2 weeks. I think the idea is that preorders drive also-boughts, making them available the day the book is actually released.

Anyway, I’ll be sending out advance copies to my ARC team soon (tonight or tomorrow). In conjunction with the ARC service I’m using, I’m hoping on having 30+ reviews the week of release. I’m also going to be more strategic about running promos to coincide with release day. I plan to send a newsletter out the day of release as well. I’m hoping to drive sales up from the day of release through that weekend and push the book up into the top 100 of its category.

Of course, I’m also hoping the ARC readers like the book! Stay tuned.

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