Back in the Saddle

So I had a nice weekend away in Dallas. Went to the relatively new Natural History Museum. It was nice. Not enough dinosaurs for my taste, but a few.


I was a little worried because the first exhibit wasn’t very interactive or interesting, but they got better as we went along.

I also got to eat Korean food, which is one of the few cuisines in short supply around Acadiana, and that was awesome as well. We also went to Torchy’s Tacos, which is usually amazing. But this time I was very underwhelmed. All I can say is I think it’s best to stick to flour tortillas there. The corn ones were not very good.

Anyway, I’m back home and still planning what to work on next. I do feel like it’s probably worthwhile to try to knock out a nice 20K novella as a giveaway incentive for the mailing list, something I can just perpetually offer. Though I would also like to get started on the next book in the Xandakar series. Initial feedback is trickling in from some of my advance reviewers, and so far everyone loves it, which is a relief. I wonder if, no matter how much you write or how successful you are, you always worry whether they’re going to like the next thing you put out. At least this time it seems like they do. So I think I just need to stick with a similar approach to the next four books.

Dragon Blue ended with an introduction of a new character who will play a lead role in the next book. No matter what I start working on next, I’m going to at least start doing some preliminary outlining of Dragon Red this week.


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