Launch Day!


Dragon Blue is finally live! You can get it for 99 cents in the Amazon store here (free if you belong to Kindle Unlimited).

Launch day is going pretty well so far. As of this writing, I’ve got 10 sales, 6 reviews (4.7 avg) on Amazon, and 4 reviews (4.75 avg) on Goodreads. The ranking is climbing. It’s around 30K in the store overall, but approaching the top 100 in several subcategories. The one the book is ranked highest in is Women’s Fiction>Fantasy, which is fine. My primary category is Romance>Werewolves & Shifters, but that’s a highly competitive category and probably hard to crack.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has stopped by since I started this blog. I hope it hasn’t all come across as shameless self-promotion, but at least on launch day I kind of have to peddle my wares. I’ll update either later today or tomorrow with new (and hopefully high) numbers.

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