Dragon Blue: Launch Day Recap

Dragon Blue: A Lie That’s True went live exclusively on Amazon yesterday. Of course every author hopes that when they hit the publish button the copies will just fly off the virtual shelf, and before long they’ll be basking on a beach in the Bahamas, sipping something fruity and alcoholic. Alas, that’s the exception, not the rule.

We definitely got off the ground, though we didn’t quite blast into outer space. Here are some numbers:

Dragon Blue has sold 30 copies so far. There were 7 pre-orders, so 23 sales the first day. That’s not horrible, but since I’m pricing at 99 cents, we’re still not sipping those pina coladas just yet. There have also already been about 1300 page reads through KU, which is also not bad. That’s about 9 full read-throughs, give or take.

The book is currently sitting at 8,870 overall in the Amazon Paid Kindle Store. This is the first time I’ve broken 4 digits. Outlaw got as high as 15K, then started dropping. Dragon Blue currently has the following rankings in these categories:

#100 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Women’s Fiction > Fantasy
#143 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Paranormal > Demons & Devils
#151 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Women’s Fiction > Action & Adventure

Last night it poked up to #90 in Women’s Fiction > Fantasy, and I expect it to bob in and out of the top 100 in that category, based on what I saw with Outlaw. That Demons & Devils subcategory is a little weird. I put a lot of fantasy related keywords into the listing to make sure I was hitting all the fantasy subcategories. Technically there is mention of a demon in the book, and he’s going to be a central villain in later installments. But I don’t know if I would get any blowback from miscategorization on that one. For now I’ll leave it alone.

On Amazon, the book currently has 26 reviews, with a 4.6 average. Not bad. Fifty would be great, but we’re probably not going to get there. But I think ending up between 30 and 40 by the end of the week is reasonable. On Goodreads, we’ve got 14 ratings with a 4.71 average. But several of my ARC team have let me know they’re still reading, so more reviews should trickle in. I’ve worked my butt off putting together a team of nearly 50 reviewers, and it’s paying off in terms of reviews. But I’m competing with titles that sometimes have hundreds of reviews. I’m going to keep beating the bushes on my next book to keep building my team. My target is 300 ARC readers, which might be a nightmare to moderate, but I think it’s probably a vital key to success. I sent out thank you messages to everyone that left a review. If I’m able to consolidate everyone on a list, that’ll be a lot easier to manage. I’ll start organizing and curating more with the next release.

Today we’ve got 1 sale of Dragon Blue, but already 642 page reads, so the KU people are finding it and reading it. I tried to make it a page-turner. Some of the review feedback says that it starts a little slow but builds up steam. With Dragon Red, I’ll take that feedback to heart and try to hook readers in a lot sooner.

I’m trying to look at the long-term here. Of course I would have liked either of my first two books to take off, but again, that’s the exception. Instead I’m building up a solid ARC team and fan base. I’ll release the next book in the series at 99 cents, but then move it up to either 2.99 or 3.99, so conversions for people wanting to keep reading in the series should actually yield some reasonable income. That’s the hope anyway.

Meanwhile, I’m still plugging away at the giveaway novella. It’s about halfway done. I’ll probably share the cover design tomorrow on that. Anyway, if you were part of my ARC team and/or you bought/borrowed the book the last couple of days, thank you!

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