Free Newsletter Novella is Done!

So I finished up “Switch and Bait”, the novella I’m offering as a free bonus for signing up for my newsletter. You can see the cover in the sidebar on my blog in the sign-up form. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I really like the characters, though the plot felt a little rushed. I have to admit I was feeling antsy to get started on Dragon Red. I may make some additional changes to the novella if I get any feedback.

In particular I’m curious if people would want to see more of these characters in longer works. The novella centers around a team of shifters who are hired for various jobs by other magical folks who live in our world. It’s an urban setting, present-day, with loose ties to the Xandakar series. The team consists of three men and two women:

Cole (wolf)
Sidney (hare)
Fara (fox)
Boz (bear)
Radley (otter)

The story focuses on Sidney, who has a secret crush on Cole, but feels like he’s out of her league. She also feels marginalized and under-appreciated by the team, so she’s actually thinking of leaving. Along comes a mysterious doppleganger named Ona who makes Sidney an offer: let’s swap places for a few days. Sidney jumps at the chance, but soon regrets the decision as everyone she runs into as Ona is trying to kill her. Meanwhile, Ona (now pretending to be Sidney) is busy seducing Cole. Sidney has to try to stay alive long enough to expose Ona and regain the trust and help of her team before it’s too late.

I’m offering the story exclusively through my newsletter, but if I write more with these characters, this particular work will not be necessary to understand what’s going on.

Anyway, this weekend I’ll do some more outlining on Dragon Red and hit the ground running on Monday. Have a good weekend everybody!

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