To Map, or Not to Map?

I’m about to dive hot and heavy into Dragon Red, part two in my dragon shifter romance series. I don’t have it outlined as much as I would have liked, but I do have a reasonable sketch of the main characters and where the plot is going. I’m mulling over some choices, though. One is the number of POV characters. Dragon Blue had two. Keeps it simple: hero and heroine, the two main love interests, alternating back and forth each chapter. The Epilogue was the only break from this pattern. For Dragon Red, I’m thinking of having four POV characters, two female, two male, and not necessarily alternating. There are parts of the story I want to tell that are going to be hard to get at from only two POV characters. But I don’t want things to get too complicated. I’ll probably write some chapters from the other two perspectives just to see how it goes. I can cut them out later (or make them into another supplemental story). I’ll just have to see how it goes.

Another choice is whether or not to include a map. I gave a rough outline of the geography and dragon clans at the end of Dragon Blue. But it is a fantasy, and maps are sometimes useful to keep track of the characters and events, especially if they’re traveling a lot. And in Dragon Red, my main character will be traveling around quite a bit. Here’s what I’ve got so far for a working map:


Still needs some work, but it’s a decent start, I think. If anyone has any thoughts on the map, including whether or not to include it, let me know!


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