Chugging Along

I haven’t written much here the last week because I wasn’t sure anybody was reading it. But just in case anybody is…

I’m a little under halfway through the first draft of Dragon Red. It’s coming along all right. As I mentioned before, I don’t have nearly as clear a picture of what’s going on as I did with Dragon Blue. I do have a very broad idea of how the series as a whole will play out, and that’s my overarching guide. So Dragon Red will probably be reading for release either the 2nd or 3rd week in October. It’s kind of a difficult balancing act keeping the primary antagonist on hold while there is a minor antagonist in each book. But I’ll manage.

I’m also trying to look ahead and introduce characters that will show up in later installments. The book after this one will be Dragon Green, so some of the action in Dragon Red takes place on the Emerald Isle, introducing some of the green dragons and their look and powers. Minor spoiler: most green dragons (at least that I’ve seen in D&D settings) breath poison or acid of some sort, but I wanted to do something a little different. My green dragons exhale a sort of vitalizing energy that makes living things grow. That might sound nice, but they can easily kill you with it in a number of ways, either causing surrounding vegetation to engulf and strangle you, or simply by multiplying the bacteria in your own body, causing you to explode with an overabundance of microorganisms. Maybe that’s too gross. But I thought it was kind of cool, so I’m keeping it that way for now.

I’m also leaning strongly toward doing a double volume for the fourth installment, a bigger book that combines the stories of both the black and white clans. That would cover all the colors leading into the last book. Hm, or would it…?

Anyway, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. The time ramping up to a launch is filled with a lot of communication and interaction, but once that happens, it feels like it’s right back to writing in a void. I did get a lead on a cross-promotional opportunity with a bunch of other romance writers. I almost offered up Dragon Blue, but decided to go with The Time-Traveling Outlaw. So that title is going to be free next week from Sept. 28th-30th. I’ll be posting more about it then, as well as introducing the other authors in the promo. Hopefully that will lead to some nice activity in the ramp-up to publishing Dragon Red.

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