Free Promo Results

So far the free romance cross-promotion I’m involved in is doing well. The Time-Traveling Outlaw is currently ranked #1,234 overall in Free. It has also hit #1 in Women’s Historical Fiction Free and is in the top 10 of both Women’s Fiction>Action & Adventure and Romance>Time Travel. The title got a little over 1200 downloads yesterday, which is a lot more than I expected. It’s already got 125 today. So now way more people are exposed to the title than before. Whether that will translate into anything tangible remains to be seen.

My newsletter sign-ups are about the same. So are my page-reads and sales. It could be that readers are just downloaded a large number of the free books to store on their devices to read later. If so, maybe I’ll see some kind of gradual effect (if any) as time goes on. Or all those people will just forget they have it on their device and never read it. Let’s hope not.

A wider audience always seems like a good thing, so just getting the visibility and exposure is probably worth it. We’ll see.

I updated a post on another forum regarding the ratio of my sales to page reads for my romance novels. I’m afraid it’s far too low. Amazon doesn’t actually tell authors how many people are borrowing their books through Kindle Unlimited, just how many pages are read each day. So I have no idea how many people are just reading a few pages and giving up. That would be useful information. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on both my first novels, but the low page-read count has me worried that I’m either not meeting reader expectations and/or that I’m not writing compelling fiction that makes readers want to turn the next page. Or maybe everything’s fine and the number of borrows is just low for whatever reason. If anyone has any input, do let me know.

All right, back to work. 🙂

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