Still Editing

I’m not a huge fan of editing, but it’s fine. The editing on Dragon Red is nearly done. I’m still planning on sending out advance copies on Monday. My ARC team is up to 54 right now, which is a little lower than where I wanted to be. I wanted to have between 75-100 ARC readers lined up for this launch. I might still get there. I got the list of email leads from the Self-Publishing Roundtable Promo I took part in last week. There were about 250 emails from there. I sent out a welcome message today. Right off the top, four of the emails bounced, which means they were undeliverable. So far three people have unsubscribed from the list. But that’s still a very nice number of leads.

I may send out another email to that list next week and see if anyone’s interested in joining the ARC team. If anyone reading this is interested, let me know at I had one ARC reader express concern over Amazon’s new policy on incentivized reviews. Here’s Amazon’s statement about the changes. You can read the whole thing, which isn’t long, but basically they say that providing a free sample of a product in exchange for a review is prohibited. But then at the end they say this:

The above changes will apply to product categories other than books. We will continue to allow the age-old practice of providing advance review copies of books.

So most authors I’ve seen talk about the subject say that the way they handle ARCs won’t really change. Maybe they need to tweak the language a little when sending out advance copies. Wording used to be along the lines of “Are you interested in an advance copy in exchange for an honest review?” Now it seems best to just say something like “Are you interested in an advance copy? A review is not necessary, but would be appreciated.”

Also, Instafreebie has been a great tool for growing my mailing list this month. I crossed 100 subscribers today! That feels like an important milestone. So far I’m doing a good job of being productive, producing a book about every five weeks. If I can keep up that momentum while building a solid fan base, I think I’ll be poised to do well in the coming months.

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