ARCs of Dragon Red Going Out

So I’ve finished edits on Dragon Red: A Fire Unfed and sent out advance copies to my ARC team. This part is always a little nerve-wracking. Not quite as nerve-wracking as actually publishing, but still. I’m pretty happy with how the book turned out, though of course every writer always has doubts. I have to admit that over the past week my mind has been drifting to thoughts of the next book in the series, Dragon Green. I feel like I have some really good ideas about what I want to do with it, and the style is more of a return to the first book.

Anyway, as always, if anyone reading this is interested in joining my ARC team, just drop me an email at I’ll post updates throughout the week about how the review process is going.

In the meantime, I’m happy with how my newsletter list is growing. I’m really hoping it will have some impact on launch, which I’m planning to do in exactly one week, next Monday, 10/17/16. If I need to do major revisions based on feedback I may push that back. But right now that’s the plan.

I’m probably not going to spend a lot on promos this time around, either. I’ll likely just sign up for the few that were very effective with Dragon Blue. I’m trying to keep my expectations modest for this launch. A lot of writers say book three is when a series really begins to take off (if it’s going to). I think that makes sense, because a third book really does show that an author is serious about keeping a series going, and I understand that some readers may not want to pick up a book if they see there are only one or two installments. Still, it would be nice to move a few copies and have a decent month. I’ll post updates on those stats after launch.

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