Writing Dragon Green

Having done just about everything I could in preparation for the launch of Dragon Red on Monday, I started writing the third book in the series, Dragon Green: A Vision Unseen. It’s coming along pretty nicely. I already have the first two chapters written. I find that I enjoy writing the stronger female characters more. Thalia was a nice character, a rabbit shifter who learns to take charge, but she was ultimately very shy and not worldly. In Dragon Green, the heroine is Dr. Brynn Mulbrook, an archaeologist from our world. She’s very tough and driven, and I’m finding writing her a lot easier.

In the meantime, Dragon Red already has 12 ratings on Goodreads, all 5 stars. So that’s cool. I was reading launch stories in other forums, though, and one author said they put their book up on Goodreads prior to launch and within a few days over 100 people had shelved it as to-read. My books still aren’t getting anywhere near that kind of traction. I’m wondering how that author’s book was getting so much visibility prior to launch. So far only my ARC team is reading and shelving the book. I don’t know if other readers on GR are seeing the book in their lists and just thinking they’re not interested.

Anyway, I’m keeping my expectations properly tempered for Monday’s release. I just want to do better book-over-book with each release, and I think that’s reasonable.

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