Dragon Red Launch Day!

It’s always a little nerve-wracking launching a new book. This will be my third full-length romance, and I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of things. But you never know.


Dragon Red: A Fire Unfed is available here on Amazon. My ARC reviewers have already left 15 reviews on Goodreads for the book here. They’re overwhelmingly positive, so that’s good. Amazon has made some changes to the review system in light of worries about incentivized reviews. They’ve increased the amount a customer has to have spent on Amazon ($50 lifetime) in order to leave a review. That’s fine. It seems like a reasonable measure against fake accounts and scammers. But they seem to have changed the way they display reviews as well, only showing verified purchase reviews by default. That may have changed or may still be in place. Amazon changes things quickly. I just hope a lot of my early reviews aren’t obscured.

I just sent out my newsletter and reminded my ARC team the book is live. Between sign-ups from Instafreebie and the crossover promo I did recently, I have about 400 subscribers. That’s up from the 14 I had when I launched Dragon Blue. I would like to think that’ll make a difference. We’ll see.

Thanks to everyone out there who has read any of my stuff. Have a great day!

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