Stick a Fork In It

Well, the first draft of Dragon Red: A Fire Unfed is done. It clocked in at 21 chapters and right at 50K words, just like Dragon Blue. I need to write an epilogue hinting at the events of the next book, but I’ll do that tomorrow. Then it’s several days of edits and I’ll send it out to my ARC team. I plan to wait 10 days from final draft to publish. Last time I did a pre-order, based on the advice of Chris Fox. The idea is to get some sales and populate Also Boughts so that they are active on the day of launch. But I got some conflicting advice about doing that, so this time we’re just going to go without pre-orders.

I’m going to line up as many promos as I can for launch day, then look to do a few of the more premium promos that require a certain number of ratings after that. I still don’t see myself budgeting more than $100-200 on launch promos. One thing I’m thinking of doing is redesigning the cover of Dragon Blue to be more in line with the one for Dragon Red, and keep a consistent design throughout the series. The thing is, I’ve got a promo booked with Robin Reads for October 26th, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to change the cover before that promo runs, since they approved it with the original cover. So I’ll probably just wait until the third book to update the cover on Dragon Blue.

I’ve already started outlining some of Dragon Green. This one’s going to have another woman from our world as one of the romantic leads. She’s an archaeologist who has spent her life gathering and studying relics she believes are from Xandakar. She’s going to fall in love with Vander Tanglevine, the king of the green dragons, only to lose him when he returns to his world to marry Nevra Nightshadow. She will find a way to travel to Xandakar, only to find that Nevra has made plans to dispose of him. She’ll attempt to rescue him, far across the vast ocean and deep below its surface. I really like the dynamic of falling in love and then being ripped apart by fate, struggling to come together again. Though it makes developing the romantic relationship a little tricky. I got some feedback on Dragon Blue that the romance was too quick and easy. So I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to handle it in the next installment, but I’ll figure something out. 🙂