Keep On Keeping On

I had hoped to finish Dragon Green this week, but the story is expanding out a little longer than I expected. That’s a good thing. I feel like the first two books in the series were a little short, coming in right at 50K words each. It looks like Dragon Green is going to be about 60K, maybe more. I really don’t quite know yet. I’m firmly in the middle of Act 2, and there’s still a lot of story to resolve. Then I’ve got to have a short Act 3 with the aftermath of everything. So I’m not really sure how many more words I’m going to need.

I will almost certainly be finished with the first draft by next week, though. Then I can spend a few days editing before sending it out to my ARC team. In the meantime, that team has been growing nicely. I feel like I didn’t push hard enough to grow my team for Dragon Red, and I’m trying to make up for it. I’ve heard differing opinions about the importance of reviews and the extent to which they might influence Amazon’s algorithms. But they’re definitely important for validating the quality of a work, and most successful authors have a lot of reviews.

Anyway, I’m also participating in another giveaway. I don’t want my audience to get giveaway/promo fatigue, so I’m probably going to lay off of them at least until next year. But this one is pretty cool, so I hope it generates some buzz. Here’s the banner, which you can click on to head to the giveaway page. Check it out!



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