Finishing up

Just trying to keep my head down and finish off the last 5-10% of my latest novel. We’re almost there!
I’m writing the culmination of the final climax (no, not that kind!), a huge undersea battle. Once that’s done, our H and h are finally going to be together. Then we’ll have a teasy little epilogue leading into the events of the next book, and we’re done. Hopefully I can get an edited draft out to my advance readers early next week and launch the week after that.
I’m not sure how this one is going to feel when I do my first editing pass. I was a lot more confident in the story when I started writing it than I was with Dragon Red, but that may not always translate into a better story. I got a review on Dragon Blue the other day that was not glowing, but was probably good feedback. The reader wanted the characters to be more fleshed out and for the romance to be better developed. That is definitely something I can work on. I like fast-paced stories that tick along and keep me reading, so I tend to write that way. Sometimes I blow right past quiet moments that would really bring out the characters and their thoughts and feelings in a way that would make the story that much better. All I can say is, if you do leave a rating for one of my books, please also try to leave some feedback as well. Writing is a lifelong journey, and I’m constantly learning and trying to improve my craft. Hearing what readers did and didn’t like is incredibly valuable. All I can do is try my best to make each story better than the one before.
I hope I did that for this next one.

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