Dragon Blue Now on iTunes and Kobo…For Free!

In preparation for the launch of Dragon Green, I decided to go wide with Dragon Blue and attempt to make it permafree. This week I tried to set up accounts on several vendor sites, planning on using Smashwords to distribute to those I didn’t want to set up manually. But in the end I just let Smashwords distribute to all the vendors. Royalties don’t matter for a free title, so this is fine. Kobo was the first listing. Then today I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dragon Blue had been listed on iTunes. So I’ve gone ahead and applied for price matching through Amazon. Hopefully it will be listed free there soon as well. That would only leave Barnes & Noble. Once it’s listed on all those sites for free, I’ll start running promos. I’ve added links on the sidebar to the new listings.

Dragon Green is going to go live later tonight. I’ll send out a reminder to my ARC team tomorrow morning. I’m going to launch at 99 cents with minimal promotion, then bump it up to $2.99 in about a week. I’m still not sure whether to price each book in the rest of the series at $2.99, $3.99, or even higher. For now I’m going to stick with the lower price point and see how things go.

Now I just need to write the next book.

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