Dragon Green Launch!


Dragon Green: A Vision Unseen launched on Amazon today. The launch price is 99 cents, but then it will go up to the normal price of $2.99 next week.

I’m cautiously optimistic about this one. A lot of authors say the third in the series is when you start to get traction. I’m also second-guessing myself a little about going wide, but I’m pretty sure it was the right choice given where I’m at. Amazon price-matched Dragon Blue for free. Time to start pounding on that with free promos.

Also time to churn out the next book. Outlining isn’t going so great. I’ve got the opening and the ending of the story clearly in mind. I know the two lead characters and their path to come together and fall in love. It’s all that messy plotting in the middle that I’m mostly unsure about. I think this one is going to be like Dragon Red, mostly written by the seat of my pants. But I think it will end up working out okay.

I’ll update here about how the launch goes over the weekend.

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