Dragon Green Launch Update

Just a quick update on the launch…

One day after launching, it’s not going great. Now I know I shook things up a bit by moving Dragon Blue out of KU to permafree, but there are still a few things about this launch that are quite disappointing.

First of all, I sold 25 copies yesterday. Not very good at the 99 cent price point. I wanted to rely less on promos and begin leveraging my mailing list as the core of my first-day launch strategy. I have over 1,000 subscribers on my newsletter list now, so 25 copies sold is very underwhelming. The bulk of those come from cross-promotions and my Instafreebie giveaway. The open rate for yesterday’s newsletter was 43.7%, which is not that great. I’m going to send out a follow-up newsletter to those who didn’t open this one next week, but I’ll also need to do some pruning on the list.

I sent out the link to Dragon Blue in the same newsletter, noting that it was free. My hope was that a lot of readers would download the first book and go ahead and buy the next two while the third was at a discounted rate. But maybe the way it works is that I’ll see sell-through to the third book down the line as people read the first one for free. I don’t know.

Also slightly depressing is the number of reviews. Right now Dragon Green has 25 reviews, which would normally be great. But at this point in my launch of Dragon Red I already had 20. And that was with an ARC team of 59 readers. I worked hard to build the list up to 180 over the past month. I also made the ARC available through Instafreebie and Facebook, where it got nearly 400 downloads. I was hoping to have 50ish reviews by this point. Again, maybe they’ll trickle in at a higher rate. Or maybe Amazon is glitchy. I did notice the first 3 reviews appearing and disappearing from the listing yesterday as I checked it.

So maybe offering Dragon Blue for free is demotivating readers from buying the 2nd and 3rd books. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong with the cover/blurb. Anyway, I’ve got a couple of small promos running on Dragon Green over the next week, and I’m going to stick with my plan to hammer the free promos for Dragon Blue. I’m just waiting for it to be listed on B&N before I sign up for any big promos.

I’ll try to keep my spirits up while I work on the next book. Maybe sales will pick up over the weekend.

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