Things are Picking Up

I ran a promo on Thursday with I Love Vampire Novels, promoting Dragon Blue for free and got a very nice boost. It seems to have had some sticking power for the last few days as well, so it was definitely worth the money I spent on it. I’ll be using that one again for future books. I think I’m now starting to see the path by which I can actually do this full-time. Though I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be possible unless I either have multiple series or one of my books just goes viral. I’m pretty sure I just need to keep turning out solid stories for my catalog and eventually everything will add up.

But I got a really nice email today from a reader that reminded me it’s not just about marketing and strategizing and trying to maximize ROI. She said she’d read my latest book and that it helped distract her from the worries in her life. Imposter¬†Syndrome is a very real thing, and even though I’m not a “high-achieving individual” (at least not yet), I have doubts nearly every day. I can read a good review and wonder if the reader actually means it, but when someone tells me something I wrote helped them through a rough time, I really have no reason to doubt their sincerity. It’s just a really nice feeling.

I’m still getting that nagging urge to jump over and start a new series, but I’m pretty sure I need to resist it. In my last post, Sheila suggested that I take a little break. I’m definitely doing that for Christmas, but I want to make sure I get the bulk of the draft for Dragon Black, Dragon White finished first. I passed the halfway mark this week. It’s going to need a fair amount of significant revision, but it’s coming together. After Christmas, if it just feels awful sitting down to work on it more, I might actually take a little break to work on something else.

2 thoughts on “Things are Picking Up

  1. Lisa Catanese says:

    I devoured Blue in a day. Red is up next tomorrow. Don’t give up on yourself or the process.
    I’m in Baton Rouge and after I finished Blue I wanted to make note of the arthor’s name. Your name left me little doubt that you were from my neck of the woods. Oddly, that gives me a little thrill…knowing I’m reading something written practically in my back yard.
    Thanks for your wonderful imagination, the ability to differentiate between there, their and they’re; and knowing the difference between breath and breathe.
    I look forward to the rest of the series.
    Merry Christmas

  2. Macy Babineaux says:

    Hi Lisa,

    That’s cool that you’re so close! Thanks so much for reading the first book. I’m glad you liked it, and thanks for the words of encouragement. I’m going to post my 2017 goals on this blog, but one of them is to publish 10 novels, and hopefully that will start generating enough of a following to keep doing this at the same pace.

    Take care and Merry Christmas!

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