Edit Time

The fourth book in my dragon shifter romance series, Dragon Black, Dragon White: Darkest Day, Brightest Night, is done. Well, the first draft is anyway. Now it’s time for editing. That should take the early part of this week. And then I’ll send it out to my ARC team. I’m thinking of trying a week-long pre-order this time around. I kind of feel like with the later books in the series it makes more sense. Anyway, we’ll see.

The book came out at right around 54K words. Not sure what the final count will be with edits. I usually cut about as much as I add, but I’m not sure this time around. I think I need to add more tension and early dislike between my two leads, and I’m not sure how well I handled that in the first draft. I was going for a classic opposites-attract vibe. He’s from a poor family living in the swamps. She’s spoiled royalty, living a rich, pampered life. Each one thinks the other is arrogant and intolerable. But when the world goes haywire, they’re thrown together and forced to journey across the whole of Xandakar to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Along the way, they start to grudgingly respect each other, then like each other, then of course fall in love. Handling that transition is tricky, and I admit that for me it’s probably the hardest part about writing romance. I’m really going to focus on it in the rewrites and hopefully it will come out all right.

I’m going to put the book on pre-order at the same time I send it out to my ARC team, so I’ll announce that here when it’s ready.

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