Dragon Black, Dragon White Launch

Dragon Black, Dragon White: Darkest Day, Brightest Night officially launched yesterday. I decided not to launch at 99 cents this time, starting out with a $2.99 price tag to see how it went. Since I’m not in KU anymore, I figured it would be difficult to try to boost a new title into a really high ranking, even at 99 cents. Besides, the royalties are much higher at $2.99. The plan seems to be working out pretty well so far. I definitely made more on the first day of DBDW than I did on Dragon Green. Whether or not that holds up, we’ll see.

I have the same number of Amazon reviews from my ARC team that I did on day 2 with Dragon Green: 25. That’s fewer than I’d like, especially considering I’ve grown my team to about 200 members. Some of them are all-stars, but a lot of the list seems to have just become unresponsive. Maybe people are overloaded with ARCs right now. I don’t know.

I got my first non-Amazon sales yesterday, though! I sold 2 copies of Dragon Red and 1 of Dragon Green on Barnes and Noble. So that’s something. I still feel good about my decision to go wide, but I’m definitely open to switching gears this year if I feel like sales on other platforms are lackluster. One disappointment so far is the lag time on Smashwords. I’m really interested to see how my books perform on iTunes, and I’m using Smashwords as the publishers. I’m used to only about 48 hours for books to get approved. But I submitted books 2 and 3 on the 15th (5 days ago) and the latest book yesterday, and they’re all still pending. Maybe they’ve got a backlog as well. This is my first January publishing romance, and maybe it’s just a really busy month. But people have downloaded more free copies of Dragon Blue on iTunes than any other non-Amazon platform, so I’m pretty curious to see if the series sells through there at all.

I booked one of the pricier promos to run next Thursday to boost the first book. I really hope all the books are published on all platforms by then.

In other news, I’ve started work on my next project, a bear shifter romance entitled A Bear Comes to Town. It tells the story of Ben Blackpelt, a bear shifter living a nomadic life, always trying to stay one step ahead of a hunter pack that wants him dead. But when he stops at a diner in the small town of Lockdale, Texas, he meets Savannah, a curvy redhead who makes him want to stay in one place for a little while. But when the pack catches up with Ben, he’ll not only have to fight for his own life, but also for the woman he’s starting to fall in love with.

I’m about 10K words in so far and it’s going pretty well. My plan is to publish it mid-to-late February, then finish up the Dragonlords series. After that, if the bear book does reasonably well, I might write a follow-up. I have a rough outline of a trilogy. Or maybe I’ll leave it as a stand-alone and work on something else. We’ll see. That’s it for now. Have a good Friday, ya’ll!

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