Updates to the Website

I’ve added a dedicated page for my books. You should be able to see the link in the menu at the top of the page. I was relying on the side panel to display new books, but I don’t think it shows up very well on mobile devices. Besides, having a dedicated page for my books seems like a no-brainer. I also made specific individual landing pages for each of my books, so that I could link to them in the backmatter of each title. Since I’ve gone wide, retailers don’t like you linking to other vendors. So instead I updated all my titles today with links to the dedicated page of the next book in the series. So now, at the end of Dragon Red, there’s a link to my website for the page for Dragon Green, and that page has links to all the retailers where the book is available. We’ll see if that helps with sell-through.

Dragon Black, Dragon White is doing about the same as the previous titles. I think it has actually earned more money than books 2 and 3 (though not by much), just by virtue of launching at $2.99. But it’s sold fewer copies. I honestly don’t know what strategy I’ll use for the final book. More readers seems better, even if I’m not making as much money up front. And since it’s not a big difference, I may just release Dragon Gold at 99 cents. But that’s a ways off. After making all these website and link updates, I need to get back at my new bear shifter book.

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