A Bear Comes to ARC Readers

So I sent out ARC copies of my newest book A Bear Comes to Town today. I was pretty happy with how a lot of the book came out, though like I said in an earlier post, I always have nagging doubts before sending out a new piece of work. I plan on publishing the book next week, probably on March 2nd. I was hoping to get editing finished earlier, but this has been a hectic week, so it took a little longer.

This means I am able to start work on the final book in the Dragonlords of Xandakar series, Dragon Gold: A Tale Untold. Sorry to have kept readers waiting by writing another book before it, but I was feeling a little fatigued with the series and wanted to finish strong. I’d like to start writing the book on Monday, which means I’m really going to have to hammer out some things about the book this weekend. I have some very broad ideas about how events are going to unfold, especially with respect to the villain. And I have a solid idea of who my hero is going to be. But I really haven’t worked out the details on the heroine yet or her relationship to the hero, and that’s a biggie. An ongoing theme in the series is the change from love being chosen for you to being able to choose who you want to love. For centuries, arranged marriages were the norm in Xandakar. But in each of the first four books, the romances are organic, defying established tradition and usually involving love between dragon shifters and either humans or non-traditional shifters. So I definitely want to continue that theme. I’m just not sure exactly how it’s going to manifest itself.

Anyway, thanks to my ARC readers. Happy reading this weekend! If you want to join my ARC team, just let me know. And I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


A Bear Comes to Town is Finished!

Yay! Another book complete. I don’t know if authors feel the same thing I do when they finish a book. I’ve heard the biggest doubts occur at the 25% and 75% mark. But I have to say that I mostly feel good about a book while I’m writing it. When I’m done. I should feel relief and happiness, but that seems to be when I’m most doubtful about how good it is. I do feel relief, though. The first draft is completely, and I just need to work on edits now. I had really hoped to get the book out to my ARC team by now, but obviously that didn’t happen. So I’m going to try to get it sent out early next week. Tuesday seems pretty reasonable. I’m going to start doing some rough outlines for Dragon Gold while I work on edits for ABCTT. Part of my wonders whether I should have waited on the BookBub until the final book was complete, but I actually think the timing was fine. Hopefully those that read through the entire series will be finishing up just as the 5th and final book comes out.

And speaking of BookBub, it’s definitely the real deal. I’m not experiencing phenomenal success (yet!), but a little over halfway through the month I’m already double any previous month in income. Again, I’m really glad I went wide. iTunes in particular has been great the past couple of days, but Barnes & Noble and Kobo have both been pretty strong. The ratings have dipped a bit, mostly on Goodreads, for Dragon Blue. But I’m going to focus on those readers that like my stuff (you can’t please everyone!) and try to keep giving them what they want.

So far, my overall strategy is working. It looks like it’s going to be an incremental grind on the path to supporting myself full time with writing, but I really feel like it’s possible and that I’m going to get there.


BookBub Update

Today the rest of the data came in from yesterday’s BookBub on Dragon Blue. I got a little under 3,000 downloads on iTunes, and 18 sales on the other books. All-in-all, that puts me above the 23K downloads BookBub, ¬†estimated for the promo. and I’ve already made my money back. Whether or not it’s going to be a career-changer, we’ll see. It’s definitely going to get me a lot more exposure in the near-term. Whether or not the revenue will keep flowing, we’ll see. The book peaked at a high of #7 overall among free books on Amazon, which is great. It’s already slid back down to #11. I’m curious to see how well it sticks and what sales look like over the next week. The ratings are taking a hit on Goodreads. It’s kind of a shame, but it also seems inevitable. This was my first shifter romance. I feel like each subsequent book, I learn more and the storytelling gets better. But Dragon Blue is my lead-in to the series, so as the weakest book, it’s also not that effective a hook. I guess my next series should perform even better.

I’m almost done with A Bear Comes to Town. I’d planned on that being either a stand-alone or a 3-book series. I can now see how the longer a series is, the more potential it has to generate money from something like a BookBub promo. But I still plan on releasing my latest book at $2.99 wide and seeing how well it performs. Time to get back to writing…


Happy Valentine’s (and BookBub) Day!

I hope everyone’s having a day full of love and romance. It’s raining down here in Louisiana, but I’m trying not to let the dreary weather put a damper on my mood.

My BookBub on Dragon Blue is running today. So far it’s gotten a little over 12,000 downloads on Amazon. It’s gotten about another 1,000 on Barnes & Noble. I won’t know the iTunes figures until tomorrow. I’ve got about 120 paid sales on my other titles, so the ad has already paid for itself. The downloads have propelled the book to #10 overall in Amazon’s Free store, and #1 in all or most of its subcategories. So it’s pretty much all gravy from here on out. The ad estimates in the range of 23,000 downloads, and we’re over halfway there. I’m curious to know if the pace keeps up through the evening. With my Freebooksy ad, the tail on sales was pretty strong. I’m hoping it will be even strong for this one. I’m also getting a lot of signups on my newsletter, so that’s good. I’ll post another update on the ad tomorrow.

Meanwhile, A Bear Comes to Town is nearing completion. Production this week has already been better than last week. I should have the draft finished by Friday. Then I’ll edit over the weekend and probably Monday, with an eye to publishing on Tuesday or Wednesday. I wanted to get the book finished sooner than that, but that’s where we are. Then I’ll hit the ground running on the final installment in the Dragonlords series, Dragon Gold. After that, we’ll see. The bear shifter book will be my sixth novel. I actually wasn’t sure I could do this, but it feels far more manageable than I would have thought.

Anyway, lots of love to you guys out there. See you tomorrow!


Chugging Along

I was hoping to get the first draft of A Bear Comes to Town finished by the end of this week, but that didn’t happen. It’s mostly finished. I’m deep into the third act and the end is in sight, but I just didn’t put the word count down that I wanted to this week, and it’s going to take about another week. I’m pretty happy with the book right now. I think it was a good idea to take a break from the Dragonlords series to give me a little distance and perspective. I’ll be starting on Dragon Gold once this book is finished, and I think I’ll do a better job than if I’d just ground it out.

So I’m hoping this will be a good month, with a new book coming out, my first BookBub on Valentine’s Day, and getting a start on finishing up the last book in my series. I hope everyone out there has a great Valentine’s Day as well! Until next time…


Cover Reveal!

I’m just past the halfway point in writing my new bear shifter romance, so it seems like a good time for a cover reveal. Here it is!

I may tweak it a bit by the time the book is ready for release, but I’m pretty happy with it so far.

It’s been an okay week for writing. I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. Lots of distractions. But I’m hoping to knock out the rest of the first draft in the next two weeks. I’m pretty pleased with the way the story is shaping up. Depending on how well the book does, I may continue on as a series (probably a trilogy), or just leave it as a stand-alone if it doesn’t generate much interest.

I’m getting a bit of a tail from the promo. Sales have been better than the previous month, but I’m still not ready to buy a yacht (or even a canoe). I’m really hoping that the BookBub on Valentine’s Day punches me up over $1K for the month. That would be the kind of boost that would really keep my motivation up. Because I’m hoping to start work on Dragon Gold by the third week this month.

Anyway, everybody have a great weekend. I’ll check back in next week!