Happy Valentine’s (and BookBub) Day!

I hope everyone’s having a day full of love and romance. It’s raining down here in Louisiana, but I’m trying not to let the dreary weather put a damper on my mood.

My BookBub on Dragon Blue is running today. So far it’s gotten a little over 12,000 downloads on Amazon. It’s gotten about another 1,000 on Barnes & Noble. I won’t know the iTunes figures until tomorrow. I’ve got about 120 paid sales on my other titles, so the ad has already paid for itself. The downloads have propelled the book to #10 overall in Amazon’s Free store, and #1 in all or most of its subcategories. So it’s pretty much all gravy from here on out. The ad estimates in the range of 23,000 downloads, and we’re over halfway there. I’m curious to know if the pace keeps up through the evening. With my Freebooksy ad, the tail on sales was pretty strong. I’m hoping it will be even strong for this one. I’m also getting a lot of signups on my newsletter, so that’s good. I’ll post another update on the ad tomorrow.

Meanwhile, A Bear Comes to Town is nearing completion. Production this week has already been better than last week. I should have the draft finished by Friday. Then I’ll edit over the weekend and probably Monday, with an eye to publishing on Tuesday or Wednesday. I wanted to get the book finished sooner than that, but that’s where we are. Then I’ll hit the ground running on the final installment in the Dragonlords series, Dragon Gold. After that, we’ll see. The bear shifter book will be my sixth novel. I actually wasn’t sure I could do this, but it feels far more manageable than I would have thought.

Anyway, lots of love to you guys out there. See you tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s (and BookBub) Day!

  1. Debbie Rennard says:

    I subscribed to your email yesterday but the free books that I downloaded for some reason never made it to my Nook nor my phone. I loved the dragon book.

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