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Today the rest of the data came in from yesterday’s BookBub on Dragon Blue. I got a little under 3,000 downloads on iTunes, and 18 sales on the other books. All-in-all, that puts me above the 23K downloads BookBub,  estimated for the promo. and I’ve already made my money back. Whether or not it’s going to be a career-changer, we’ll see. It’s definitely going to get me a lot more exposure in the near-term. Whether or not the revenue will keep flowing, we’ll see. The book peaked at a high of #7 overall among free books on Amazon, which is great. It’s already slid back down to #11. I’m curious to see how well it sticks and what sales look like over the next week. The ratings are taking a hit on Goodreads. It’s kind of a shame, but it also seems inevitable. This was my first shifter romance. I feel like each subsequent book, I learn more and the storytelling gets better. But Dragon Blue is my lead-in to the series, so as the weakest book, it’s also not that effective a hook. I guess my next series should perform even better.

I’m almost done with A Bear Comes to Town. I’d planned on that being either a stand-alone or a 3-book series. I can now see how the longer a series is, the more potential it has to generate money from something like a BookBub promo. But I still plan on releasing my latest book at $2.99 wide and seeing how well it performs. Time to get back to writing…

2 thoughts on “BookBub Update

  1. crystal wallen says:

    I have loved reading the Dragon series and cannot wait for the Dragon Gold book!! I’m also looking forward to reading some of your tiger books. Your writing is amazing!! I will be recommending your writings to all of my friends and colleagues.

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