A Bear Comes to ARC Readers

So I sent out ARC copies of my newest book A Bear Comes to Town today. I was pretty happy with how a lot of the book came out, though like I said in an earlier post, I always have nagging doubts before sending out a new piece of work. I plan on publishing the book next week, probably on March 2nd. I was hoping to get editing finished earlier, but this has been a hectic week, so it took a little longer.

This means I am able to start work on the final book in the Dragonlords of Xandakar series, Dragon Gold: A Tale Untold. Sorry to have kept readers waiting by writing another book before it, but I was feeling a little fatigued with the series and wanted to finish strong. I’d like to start writing the book on Monday, which means I’m really going to have to hammer out some things about the book this weekend. I have some very broad ideas about how events are going to unfold, especially with respect to the villain. And I have a solid idea of who my hero is going to be. But I really haven’t worked out the details on the heroine yet or her relationship to the hero, and that’s a biggie. An ongoing theme in the series is the change from love being chosen for you to being able to choose who you want to love. For centuries, arranged marriages were the norm in Xandakar. But in each of the first four books, the romances are organic, defying established tradition and usually involving love between dragon shifters and either humans or non-traditional shifters. So I definitely want to continue that theme. I’m just not sure exactly how it’s going to manifest itself.

Anyway, thanks to my ARC readers. Happy reading this weekend! If you want to join my ARC team, just let me know. And I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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