Editing Dragon Gold

I’m in the middle of editing Dragon Gold: A Tale Untold. I’m hoping to have it done by mid-week so that I can get it out to my ARC readers.

Editing is a funny thing. I invariably think my writing is better than I remember it being when I originally wrote it, while simultaneously not being nearly as good as I want it to be. It’s a weird state to be in. I’m also not as meticulous as I’d like to be, though I’m still not at a point where I want the expense or delay of hiring a professional. If I meet my goals this year, I’ll definitely add that into my work flow. But for now, I think the editing process is reasonable enough.

So anyway, we’re on schedule for a release this month. I’m anxious to see how well the book does now that the whole series will be out. Sales have remained low but steady for the last few months, which gives me hope that I can still make a go of this. Not sure if I got burned out from writing basically a book a month last year, but I know I can find a reasonable pace that let’s me produce the kind of books people want to read. I set a goal for 10 books this year, which I’m definitely not going to make. But my other goals are probably still attainable.

I’ll post another update when the ARC goes out and give you guys an idea of when the release will happen.

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